Lewis Hopkins

Lewis Hopkins predominately specializes in black and grey stipling and dotwork but has a very varied range in other subjects.
Rainforest Tattoo DS copy

PriZeMaN’s Portfolio

PriZeMaN is the owner of Eternal Art with a very varied style. He has won two 1st place awards (2010, 2015) and one 2nd place award (2005) at the reputable International London Tattoo Convention.
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Laser Tattoo Removal

Changing tattoos Whilst it’s not advisable to have a tattoo with the idea that it can easily be removed – tattoos are permanent pieces of artwork – if you seriously dislike a piece, it is now possible to have laser treatment to remove it. Laser tattoo removal will take quite a few sessions depending on your requirements. Often a tattoo just needs to be lightened for a cover up so this will only be a few sessions. Complete removal...

Unique tattoos designed to your specs

You’ll find Eternal Art specialises in creating tattoos that you can be proud of. We aim to offer you a piece of work will be unique to you that will be based on your ideas and specifications.

Please send us any images that you like and be aware that you will get feedback and advice. Some images make fabulous pictures as art but don’t necessarily make great tattoos; we won’t do a tattoo, if we think it won’t look good!

At Eternal Art you can have:

• A custom tattoo created for you
• Laser tattoo removal

All consultations are completely free with no obligation. You will be given a quote at the time of your consultation.

All aftercare advice will be given at the time of your appointment and for piercing and laser treatments you will be given your own aftercare sheet to take home with you.

Feel free to get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help!